About ContextBase

ContextBase is available on a consulting basis for Data Science, Machine Learning, R Programming, and R/Shiny Application Development.

Venture Capital Dashboard
Automated Trading Analysis
Polynomial Correlation
PSM Coding
Activity Stream Computing
Safety Clinic App
Data Exploration Box Plot


Data Science

Proprietary Dataset processing that extracts knowledge or insights.

R Programming

Data Science programming in the R programming language.

Software Development

R Language, R/Shiny, HTML, and CSS development of data applications.

Social Network Analysis

Social Media Analytics with R language statistical inference/graphs/wordclouds.


Classifying/Organizing Content within an Organization.


"Very nice and outstanding knowledge! Great work! I recommend." - Melinab

"Very productive and professional." - Mnlynam

"Most professional, delivered on time and communicated when he promised. Highly recommend." - Rodhucker

"Great communication for a difficult project! Phase 1 delivered as needed. Looking forward to getting into Shiny and R markdown applications!" - Labster1

"Great work" - Rahimdubloo

"Outstanding Experience!" - Todd E. Pearson

"One of the best, that I have worked with." - bobjohn435, Switzerland

"Superb. From responsiveness to delivery, it was an excellent experience." - Antoine Pastre, Canada

"Experienced data scientist who delivered tremendous work!" - fayblaeux, Netherlands

"Good, speedy response." - ebeale, United Kingdom

"Advised how to convert a for loop into an apply family function in R." - Predacity, Canada

"John delivered again. Thank you!" - Predacity

"John advised on a complicated task of adding multiple columns of date values to a dataframe. All solutions available online in forums were not working. John got it to work in a few minutes. All-star." - Predacity

"John is a real deal pro." - Predacity


Email ContextBase Email: johnakwei1@gmail.com

ContextBase Funding: https://fundly.com/contextbase

ContextBase Investing: https://angel.co/contextbase

Projects: http://www.rpubs.com/johnakwei


Below are a few of the certifications earned by ContextBase founder, Lead Data Scientist, (and HTML5 programmer), John Akwei, ECMp ERMp Data Scientist:

Data Science Specialization Certificate

Data Science

R Programming Certificate

R Programming

Developing Data Products Certificate

Developing Data Products

ECM Practitioner Certificate

Enterprise Content Management Practitioner

ERM Practitioner Certificate

Electronic Record Management Practitioner